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Generate and add a QR code on your design in 4 steps

Below are the steps that you need to follow to add a QR code successfully to your designs.


Import your design in a PNG or JPG format

If you have a design in a PNG or JPG format, you can use the form above to import it.


Generate your QR Code

You have many options when it comes to generate a QR Code, you will find out in the second step.


Preview the final design and do adjustments

Our tool will redirect you to a page with a final design. You can use the third step to adjust the position of the QR Code.


Download the new design with the QR

Download the final design with the QR Code that you generated. You may download in a PNG or PDF format.

Arouse the curiosity of your audience

Arouse the curiosity of your audience

Thanks to the QR code, you can easily increase your audience. Indeed, with a small block of code in a corner of your poster, your potential customers would want to know more about your services. It’s professional and more meaningful. Thanks to our online tool, you will be able to generate and add a QR code in seconds to your posters. This will allow you to easily redirect your customers to more detailed content.

Retain your existing clientele while attracting many others

There are countless applications for using a QR code. You can, for example, use it to create a loyalty system for your customers. The process could be to create a QR code connected to your payment system or shop that will count each scan and apply discounts. This would have the effect of increasing the rate of repeat customers. Plus, you might attract more people. Using our QR code maker app, we can work to implement such a solution for your organization.

Retain your existing clientele while attracting many others

Some Benefits of Adding a QR Code to Your Posters

Below are some benefits you could have if you add a QR code to your advertising posters.

Provide more detail in fewer words

With a QR code, you don’t need to saturate your poster with texts. It will suffice to generate a code that users can scan to read further.

Increase engagement rate

The mystery of a QR code makes the world want to know more. Indeed, given the fact that the data is encrypted, the world wants to know more.

An ecological solution

No need to make prints, thousands of pages to convey a message. Simply summarize the essentials on one page and redirect users to a web page.


The QR code is adapted to the current web world. Indeed, whether you want to share your content on social media or by email, your code adapts to your strategy.


QR Codes are easy to store and have little weight. You can wear it as a digital image or as a printed document. Plus, you can easily share.

Compatible with any QR reader

Your users can scan and quickly access your content using any QR reader from their mobile phone. This could encourage sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The QR code (Quick Response Code) is a 2D barcode. It is used in marketing or sales to facilitate access to additional information via a smartphone. This code has become an almost indispensable element for web marketing campaigns. It has many functions, it all depends on the advertiser.

Businesses can use QR codes to store data in a 2D square to share certain information with customers. The QR code can be downloaded and transferred to customers as a printed document or an image. Then, then, users can download a QR code reader to scan and read the content.

There are many apps that can help scan a QR code. You can get them from your OS vendor's app store. If you have an Android phone, you can download one from Google Play . If you have an iPhone, you will need to use the Apple Store. The standard way to scan a QR code is to activate the app and scan the code. Most apps provide instructions.

By adding a QR code to your product images, you'll empower users with a QR scanner to learn more about your offering. Our QR code generator can allow you to store information such as your product details, prices, store locations and much more.

Our free version does not support adding QR codes to multiple photos simultaneously. For example, you can download the code separately to add images of various products. You can also contact our support team. It will be a pleasure to discuss the possibility of adding QR on many products with your specifications. Contact us .

We are currently working on an option that will allow you to create your account and have more flexible access. However, now you can only create one QR code which we remove from our systems once you download it.

Some usage of QR code

Here are some examples where QR code is used

Company Boxes

QR Codes can help to provide company details and save space and cost on boxes.

Company Boxes

Business Cards

QR Code on business cards to automatically provide all the contact details necessary.

Business Cards

Festive Flyers

QR Codes used to provide information regarding the festival on flyers

Festive Flyers

Company Info Posters

QR Codes used to share company details on social media posters

Company Info Posters

Restaurant Menus

Easy to access menus available for restaurants and to save cost on their menu cards.

Restaurant Menus


QR Codes used to provide a quick summary on invoices send to clients